PSP2SDK  dirty-f9e4f2d
The free SDK for PSP2
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
include/_ansi.h [code]
include/alloca.h [code]
include/errno.h [code]
include/malloc.h [code]
include/math.h [code]
include/setjmp.h [code]
include/stdio.h [code]
include/stdlib.h [code]
include/string.h [code]
include/time.h [code]
include/wchar.h [code]
include/c++/ext/new_allocator.h [code]
include/c++/ext/rc_string_base.h [code]
include/c++/ext/sso_string_base.h [code]
include/c++/ext/throw_allocator.h [code]
include/psp2/appmgr.h [code]Header file which defines control related variables and functions
include/psp2/apputil.h [code]
include/psp2/audioenc.h [code]Header file which defines encoding audio library related variables and functions
include/psp2/audioin.h [code]Header file which defines control related variables and functions
include/psp2/audioout.h [code]Header file which defines output audio related variables and functions
include/psp2/camera.h [code]Header file which defines camera related variables and functions
include/psp2/ctrl.h [code]Header file which defines control related variables and functions
include/psp2/display.h [code]Header file which defines display related variables and functions
include/psp2/fpu.h [code]Header file which defines FPU functions
include/psp2/gxm.h [code]Header file which defines GXM variables and functions
include/psp2/gxt.h [code]Header file which defines GXT variables and functions
include/psp2/moduleinfo.h [code]Header file related to module information definitions
include/psp2/motion.h [code]Header file which defines motion variables and functions
include/psp2/pgf.h [code]Header file which defines font (PGF) variables and functions
include/psp2/power.h [code]Header file which defines power variables and functions
include/psp2/pss.h [code]Header file which defines functions of SceLibMonoBridge
include/psp2/rtc.h [code]Header file which defines RTC variables and functions
include/psp2/screenshot.h [code]Header file which defines output audio related variables and functions
include/psp2/sysmodule.h [code]Header file which defines system modules related variables and functions
include/psp2/system_param.h [code]Header file which defines output audio related variables and functions
include/psp2/touch.h [code]Header file which defines touch related variables and functions
include/psp2/types.h [code]Header file which defines unique variable types
include/psp2/io/devctl.h [code]Header file which defines device control options
include/psp2/io/dirent.h [code]Header file which describes the directory entry struct
include/psp2/io/fcntl.h [code]Header file which defines file control options
include/psp2/io/stat.h [code]Header file which describes file structures
include/psp2/kernel/clib.h [code]Header file which defines sceClib functions
include/psp2/kernel/error.h [code]Header file which defines kernel errors
include/psp2/kernel/loadcore.h [code]Header file related to module load core
include/psp2/kernel/modulemgr.h [code]Header file related to module management
include/psp2/kernel/processmgr.h [code]Header file which defines processes related variables and functions
include/psp2/kernel/sysmem.h [code]Header file which defines memory related variables and functions
include/psp2/kernel/threadmgr.h [code]Header file related to thread management
include/psp2/net/http.h [code]Header file related to HTTP
include/psp2/net/net.h [code]Header file related to net
include/psp2/net/netctl.h [code]Header file related to net control
include/sys/stdio.h [code]
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